Be a Trendsetter with these FIVE patterns

It is not always the dress but sometimes the prints and patterns can make a huge difference to the entire look. The motifs and prints are usually inspired from the runway shows and gradually make their way to every wardrobe. Sometimes the design is just a short-lived fad and many times it becomes the go-to style for the masses. So here are five patterns that are currently everyone’s favorite:

Spectacular Stripes

A stripe has always been a part of fashion and is always in trend. The pattern found its way to the mainstream when none other than Queen Victoria redefined it and gave it a new meaning. Since then stripes are ubiquitous but never out of fashion. A popular clothing brand has even made colorful stripes its trademark. If you are one who likes to keep it minimal, stripes are your best friends!

White t-shirt with different color stripes on shoulder
black tulle skirt

Our Desi Checks on runway clothes

Celebrities can’t stop crushing over checks. It is classy and chic. It adds drama to your outfit. A check-on-check dress is really preferred these days. To give new style to every look, you can play with colors. You can go for a specific color of check depending on the occasion. For instance if you are going for a family get together, choose conventional checks , so that it looks sober and if you are going to a birthday party do not shy away from wearing black and white, a perfect piece for the trendsetter!

Say hello to polka Dots

A smile comes to a face when you see someone wearing polka dots. It is simple yet very attractive that you just can’t stop noticing. This is the reason that they always find its place in our closets. However, do not go for cliché Black and white ones rather go for colorful!

Rainbows adorned Raiments

A big thumbs up to Rainbows, why? It is fun, energetic and colorful. This season they are back in trend but with a difference. The witty prints and motifs together with rainbows will add more playfulness to the designs. This kind of fun with designs is very much visible on not only the dresses but also on accessories such as backpack and footwear!

Flattering Floral

Florals are the symbol of novelty and refinement. From runways to street, flower print holds a special place. Different sizes of flowers can add twist to the look! For instance you can add more contrast by choosing bigger flower prints and less contrast with smaller flowers. These types of patterns are also perfect for mix and match style.

Be it spring, summer or fall, when you try these patterns on, it is sure to turn heads! Just make sure that you wear these with confidence. So try all of these and share your child’s snaps with us, we will be posting them and sharing it with others on our various social platforms. Please feel free to tag us on Instagram #kidsupactivty. We would love to show the world the trendsetter within your child.

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