Selected Stylish Staples for Every Age

Styling is a great way of expression and for kids, it is fun too. We grownups are mostly into the latest trends but for children, it is about the right color, playful motifs, soft fabric, comfort, and above all being themselves. With so many options available for different age categories, parents often struggle to find the right pick. So here are the few ways and ideas to try on while selecting beautiful pieces for your munchkins belonging to different stages of childhood:


A newborn is very fragile and delicate. And their whole day is spent either staring or gazing at their surroundings. They either lay down in a cradle or the arms of the mother. So, every piece that you select must be soft and comfortable material for sensitive skin. This makes choosing clothes for a newborn very tricky. Our take on this will be to go for a stretchy jumpsuit with easy fastening and soft fabric composition. Do select the one that has cute prints and lovely colors.

stretchy jumpsuit


Let’s not restrict those tiny hands and legs in tight clothes. Pick pieces that are breathable and have fastening closures preferably snap buttons. Unlike grownups, they need specific clothes for different chores. A must-have coordinated baby suit that will always be their companion to bed, a bodysuit to help them creep, a bib, and a pouch for their mealtime. So while going for any particular staple, choose a mushy fabric with subtle colors to keep it stylish.


For Toddler it is all about crawling and creeping. You look away and boom they are gone! They don’t like to be at the same place as they have started realizing that they have limbs and they want to walk and run just like their daddy and elder siblings. So what can be better than a pair of tights to protect their knees and legs! But don’t keep it simple; choose one that has playful motifs on them and vibrant colors. 


The best style for kids is to keep their wardrobe as functional as possible. Let us accept the fact that they will run, jump, play, and will trip off very often, that is why the outfit should be comfortable and not stop them from having fun. So, while choosing clothes try playing with motifs and colors that are in trend. A cool T-shirt with denim shorts will be an easy-going pick yet very cool for boys and for girls a pretty frock or dungaree will be a great option. The last thing that you need to do is team these outfits with a nice pair of shoes and your kids are good to go! 


While styling pre-teens, look for the staples that not only look good on them but also fits them easily and are comfortable to wear. Choose colors and patterns that are fun and complement their style. Pieces of Denim teamed with T-shirts can be the best options for their casual look and for a formal look a three-piece suit is the must-have!



Teens are tough to style up as they become choosy and start caring for their looks. They will follow their peer’s footsteps, keep up with all the latest trends, and are difficult to please with any style. And on top of this their mood swings!  When choosing an outfit for them, do not go OTT, keep it as minimal as possible. Choose subdued colors, sophisticated designs clubbed with lovely patterns. And yes last but not the least, when styling them just follow one mantra: Keep up with on-going trends!

With styling your child some crucial things should be kept in mind such as avoid overdressing them. Do not select clothes that are itchy, very tight, discomforting, and are not of the proper size. Just keep up with the latest trends and try experimenting by mix-matching them with different styles. No matter what age group your child belongs to, what does matter is that they have a smile on their face when they are all dressed up!

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