Winters are not a season but a festival to celebrate fashion in every sense. How? Well, the answer has always been there. We all know that as soon as the summer ends and fall starts, our grandmothers start looking for the perfect designs in magazines and knitting sweaters that will look beautiful on us. Sometimes our mothers even visit their friends’ place just to learn the know-how of knitting a particular motif! So many efforts just to look good and stand out from the crowd.


Another great thing about this weather is that it is a perfect time to mix and match your different clothes from the closet and transform your look. The best part is that people do not even recognize that you have paired up your old clothes together. It is also the season of layering different woolens to look stylish and to hold when you get cold. So here are four different wardrobe staples to mix-and-match and get the most of your wardrobe:

Combining cardigan with accessories for cold winters

A cardigan is something very common in anyone’s wardrobe. And it is also the most underrated staple when it comes to styling and fashion. One can completely change the look just by trying on different styles of jumpers. The best suited for this look would be a button closure puffed sleeves sweater. Go for a subtle color so that it goes with cold weather.

Cardigan for cold winters
black tulle skirt

A skirt to add a twirl

Very popular culture in the west, skirts is the first pick of every girl. It looks very pretty and glam up the whole look. For this look, our take will be to choose either the pleated one or the one with a tulle material, if putting it for a special occasion. And since it is winter, choose dark shades.

Tights to get a hold on a cold

Pantyhose tight are a must-have if you are going for this look. The tights not only look good but also keep you warm. Pick the stockings that go well with your skirt. You can also opt for the nude if the shade of the shoes is lighter.

Pantyhose tight
Ankle boots

Ankle boots, your comrade in winters

Ankle boots are so much in trend and you can turn to these whenever it’s freezing cold. There are lots of options to choose from for this particular look. Choose the color which goes beautifully with your entire look.

So you see how a cardigan that is usually worn with jeans when paired up with a skirt can change the entire look. And when it teamed up with pantyhose and ankle boot, your child looks straight coming from a fashion runway! That is how Mix and Match works. Our last tip will be to choose some great color combinations such as monochromatic colors or cool colors like red and beige, blue and grey. Just put on the complete ensemble this winter and you are ready to go! If you have also tried some new style this winter, do share the photos with us, we will post it on our Instagram page and tag you. Make this winter more fashionable with us.

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