Go old School with game night!

When was the last time you all had a game night together? With so many gadgets around & everyone sticking to them, it must be a long time ago. Now get ready as it is time to dust off the board games and get together for fun. Generation Z would love your old school games. They will be startled to know that Ludo is more fun than online gaming and if they are keen to know more introduce them to the magical world of playing cards. So, here are some fun games that you can try this weekend or in your spare time with your kids.

Classic BOARD GAMES for perfect night

One word for board games, Awesome! The best way to spend the weekend is by playing fun and interesting board games with your family and friends. These games are very engaging and have the added advantage of improving problem-solving abilities, and enhancing cognitive skills. A popular game like Game of life teaches children to be socially responsible by taking them to different stages of life and giving them choices to make decisions. You can also teach your child to play chess, the best way to bring the smart kid out of them. Furthermore, it is engaging, instills self-confidence, and makes them competitive. Several other board games that are equally famous among most of the folks are Sequence, Monopoly, Nine Men’s Morris, Backgammon, and checkers!

Get hold of words with SCRABBLE

Scrabble is a fun take on the usual boring crossword! When you play scrabble with your kids it not only enriches their vocabulary but also helps them interact with everyone. Your child will learn strategies and will improve their focus and memory. With so much to learn, it is a classic example of learning with fun.

Be the jack of all trades with PLAYING CARDS

A great way to improve math skills and logical thinking. It is always top of the list when it comes to entertainment and fun. There are so many classic games that you can play depending on the age of your child. For example, with small kids instead of going for typical card games go for an easy one like Slap Jack, and with older kids, you can play Chinese Rummy!

The popular pastime CARROM

We all love Carrom. It is entertaining, it is interesting and it is fun! This sport involves skill, technique, and spirit to win. This game is a great tool to instill a competitive spirit in your child. What makes carrom a favorite pastime for the masses is that it entertains the player and everyone watching the game enjoys it too. And the nail-biting moment of “who will take the queen” is the best part of this game!

Put your thinking caps on for DUMB CHARADES and PICTIONARY

Your child feels shy and hesitates a lot? Then Dumb Charades is the game for your kid. This involves a lot of guessing, mimicking, and acting which improves the imagination of your child. It is a popular game to play at parties and always an ice-breaker at any gathering. Like Dumb Charades, Pictionary is also very amusing. It also involves guesswork along with some drawing skills. And the best thing about Pictionary is that the worse you draw, the funnier it becomes!
So these were some of the very popular games that you must try with your kids. It is a promise that they will have the best time playing them. It is high time that they get a break from screens and engage themselves, connect, open up and have some fun!

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