Childhood is all about dreams, inspirations, and experimenting with ideas. And the festival is the best time to try out different styles and looks. The beautiful festival of kites, Makarsakranti is approaching and it is the best time to play with different ideas. The boys enjoy this festival the most and we all know that this day belongs to them and when it comes to dressing up, boys like to keep it simple. For them, it is actually the less is more.

But styling up a boy can be tricky yet fun at the same time. Mothers are always annoyed with their ways. So while selecting for a boys wardrobe one has to be very careful as the clothes are never the same once they go out to play. And when it comes to Kite flying, things get more complicated. However, the brighter side is that they are lots of options one can go for while choosing a perfect outfit for this celebration. So here are some styling ideas only for boys which help them make the best out of this sakrant.

A perfect sweatshirt for the day

Sweatshirts are boy’s best friends. These are very comfy and easy to carry. Your junior will feel neither feel too warm nor too cold, making it perfect for this weather. Go for vibrant as well as dark colors so as to keep your boy warm. 

Red Joggers

Easy going Joggers

It is will be a busy day for your little boy. He is going to jump and run all day long so it is important that he feels comfortable and able to do all his antics without thinking twice. Joggers are the best attire to put on this day and will go very well with sweatshirts thereby completing the whole look.

A cool cap

As your junior will be on the roof for the whole day long gazing at the sky, he is going to need a cap for sure. Go for the one with playful motifs and prints.

Trendy trainers

These are going to be his best friend for Sankranti. It will be a hot day and he will need a good pair of trainers that suit him best.

Once your boy put on the entire ensemble and accessories, he will definitely rock the complete look. If you have got any great ideas for this Uttarayan, do share them by tagging us on Instagram #kidsupactivty. We would love to see how your boy has come up with the whole concept of dressing for Sakrant!

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