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Step aside, grown-ups – the real fashionistas are here! From bright and bold colors to conscious care, 2023 is all about dressing the little ones in style. Get ready for a year of playful prints, comfortable fits, and even some twinning action. And for those who value quality and trust, KidsUp has got you covered. Let’s get these mini fashion icons runway-ready!

Here are the top trends gaining traction:

Sonia Rykiel kidswear brand | Kidsup

Bright, light, and neutral

Designers are turning up the color dial and throwing the old rules out the window! Pastels, move over – vibrant hues are stealing the spotlight. Who said pink was just for the ladies? And forget about blue being a “boy thing” – it’s time to share the color love. The racks are bursting with a rainbow of eye-catching colors, especially as tie-n-dye makes a groovy comeback. Tonal wear gets a fun upgrade with playful pops of color, or it can stand alone and rock its own unique style. So why settle for blah when you can go bold? Let your true colors shine, baby!

Comfort Fit On-Dit

Who says kids can’t be comfy and stylish? Loose-fitting clothes are all the rage for the little ones, giving them plenty of room to run, play, and show off their unique personalities. And forget about limiting sizes – inclusivity is in! From cozy fits to roomy baggy styles, there’s something for every kiddo out there. But comfort isn’t just about how the clothes fit – it’s about the fabric, too! Parents want materials that are kind to their kiddo’s skin, so it’s all about careful crafting and experienced design to keep itching and rashes at bay. It’s the little things that count, and parents are loving the conscientious approach that’s taking the kiddie fashion world by storm.

Sonia Rykiel brand | kidsup
Sonia Rykiel kidswear brand | Kidsup

A Conscious Care

Who says we can’t look good and do good at the same time? We’ve come a long way, baby – now we care about what we wear and where it comes from! Parents want the best for their little tykes, and that includes clothes made from organic cotton that’s hypoallergenic and oh-so-soft. No more harsh pesticides and nasty chemicals – we’re all about natural, sustainable methods that keep our planet happy and healthy. And hey, if that means paying a little extra for top-notch fabrics, sign us up! Our mini-mes deserve the very best, and we won’t settle for anything less. It’s all about feeling good, looking good, and doing good – now that’s a fashion statement we can get behind!

Imprinting on Prints

Let’s talk prints, baby! We’re not just talking about your run-of-the-mill stripes and polka dots – we’re talking about prints that are as unique as your little ones. From bold and bright to delicate and dainty, the world of prints is a playground of possibilities. Parents are on the hunt for prints that speak to them and their kiddos – whether it’s a funky crab or a party animal with balloons. And let’s not forget about the florals – because who doesn’t love a good bloom? The fabric is a canvas, and designers are bringing the beauty of this world to life with their creations. Happy prints make for happy babies, and let’s be real, they make everything look better. So get ready to make a statement and let those prints do the talking!

Sonia Rykiel kids Fashion Brand | kidsup
Sonia Rykiel kids Fashion Brand | kidsup

Twinning is Winning:

It’s time to match, match, match with the whole fam-damn-ily! That’s right, twinning is winning, and parents are all about it. Mama and child can now rock the same threads, thanks to gender-fluid clothing that’s breaking down barriers and making fashion fun for everyone. Whether you’ve got a boisterous boy, a garrulous girl, or both, there’s something for everyone – from tunics to jammies and everything in between. It’s all about banding together, making memories, and feeling that special sense of connection through your clothes. But with so many choices out there, it can be tough to pick the perfect pieces. That’s where trusted brands come in – because let’s face it, when you find something that lasts and looks great, you stick with it. Fashion may change, but loyalty never goes out of style!

KidsUp is one such name that parents can trust when it comes to their little one’s wardrobe – making fashion fun, comfortable, and easy for those who want nothing but the best for their mini-me!

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