“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think,” said Margaret Mead, a well-known cultural anthropologist, and we couldn’t agree more. This maxim also holds true for children’s clothing. Rather than just implying what they should wear, children should be taught how to dress for the appropriate occasion or weather. Their fashion choices should be deliberate. 

Children express a wide range of emotions through their adorable voices, gestures, and clothing. All of these elements, especially clothing, play a role in the formation of their personalities. Children will experiment with their clothing choices once they are old enough to understand how to express their personalities and identities. 

While some kids prefer to dress like their parents, others prefer to dress like a favorite character, and some kids couldn’t give a damn about fashion. Yes, in a teeny tiny way, all these tantrums are building up their personality. Allow them to wear whatever they want, even if it is inappropriate for the occasion. 

If you are still not persuaded that letting your children pick their own clothes is the best option for fostering personality development, you might be after reading this:

Instilling Responsibilities

Allowing children to choose their own clothes, color, texture, pattern, and so on is critical for adults who want their children to grow up to be responsible and critical thinkers. Let them choose whether to wear shorts instead of jeans, a shirt instead of a t-shirt, or sliders in place of shoes. It will instill in them a sense of responsibility because they will now have to choose their own clothes, and what they choose will reflect them.

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Encourage Independence

When you give your children the freedom to choose what to wear, they are developing their perception, problem-solving, and self-expression skills, whether they choose a monochromatic outfit, a printed outfit with mismatched plaids, or even a minimal outfit. They will feel more independent because they won’t need to rely on you to choose their daily clothes any longer, which is a very basic task.

Cultural Evolution

Allow your child to pick out their own clothes if you are going to an event, even if they are inappropriate for the occasion. Your children will learn what an appropriate outfit is for the occasion when they observe other children who are appropriately dressed at the event. However, if you make them dress a certain way, they might object. Regardless of how you raise your kids, letting them use clothing as a tool for self-discovery will help them learn valuable life lessons and skills.

Yellow outfit
Strenghtens Character

Even if your lovely child wants to wear a bright yellow color every day, let them. They are learning about their current preferences, self-sufficiency, and how clothing can be used to identify themselves. Rather than forcing your cute little ones to wear a certain piece of clothing, interact with them. Inform them that it is getting cold outside and that they ought to probably wear warm clothing, such as a full-sleeved shirt.  It is a subtle way of showing them which attire is appropriate for the particular day. Additionally, it will enable them to speak freely and honestly about who they are. 

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