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We know that it’s been a tough year for you to let your kid go out and play, have their jollies, but fortunately, things are looking up now with the recent decline in the number of covid cases, life is returning back to its normal buzz and so are the little ones to their classrooms and playground.

As a parent, you undoubtedly want your kids to be careful and carefree at the same time while they do what-kids-do stuff, as confusing as it may sound, it’s possible. Since covid hasn’t truly left our lives we have adapted how to live with it. We obviously don’t want our kids to catch or transmit infection in any way, however unlikely it may seem.

At Kidsup, we too want your kid to have their cake and eat it too, so let us take you through our guide on how to ensure that your kid stays safe while having a good time.

Here are some of the few tips we found helpful-

  1. Having meals in the classroom instead of the cafeteria
  2. Rewarding good behavior
  3. Screening and monitoring health status
  4. Disinfecting and cleaning
  5. Model Good Behavior
  • Having meals in the classroom instead of the cafeteria

Asking your kid to have their meals in the class itself, instead of going to the cafeteria which is a potential hub to all kinds of viruses and other harmful bacteria can be a great first step to curb the probability of catching and spreading infections further to their classmates and family members.Doing that is not only convenient for children but also for the teachers who have a responsibility to ensure their safety and security.

  • Rewarding good behavior 

Giving children some sort of small reward for adhering to safety protocols can be a good way to reinforce these positive behaviors. We suggest that these little rewards may help kids stick to the behavioral pattern.

We believe that most parents focus on negative behavioral patterns, nag or scold children when they don’t put on a mask or stand too close to other people.But we affirm that more positive results come when recognize their efforts for doing things right. The reward for positive efforts can simply be a verbal complement.

  • Screening and monitoring health status

It is essential to continually and periodically monitor the health status of your kid by taking them to undergo medical health checkups, healthcare camps and physical examinations. This will help rule out any potential spread of infections or any sort of unfavorable symptoms at an early stage. You can do this by asking your kid to not be scared or reluctant to speak up about feeling sick or stressed. A lot of times kids fear going to the doctor or telling the school nurse about their bodily issues. We urge you to help your child get over this fear in a kid friendly way.

  • Proper disinfecting and cleaning habits

The ministry of health and family welfare (MOHFW) has urged people to not touch their mouth, nose, eyes with unwashed or unclean hands as germs can very easily go in the body that way. Persistent hand-washing and sanitizing can eliminate these germs.

As a parent you must make sure that your kids wash their hands every single time they use the bathroom, enter the house, and are done eating.These habits can be inculcated once kids finish their kindergarten and first grade — so please ensure they’re doing it. You can slip in a hand sanitizer in their school bag and remind them to use it regularly.

  • Model good behavior

You can exhibit good behavior by practicing safety habits at home and setting an example for your kid. You can help condition your children to adhere to health precautions even when they aren’t being supervised by an adult.

Children have this innate habit to imitate the behavior of adults, and the closest example they find to adults is you being the parent. So to set a perfect example for your kid to follow you must make sure you practice the desired behavior yourself. That will make it several times more likely for your kid to follow the same indoors as well as outdoors.

We understand that it might not be the end of the list of the things you worry about but having your kid,make it a point to comply with most of these will surely safeguard your young cherubs and you from most potential threat to health.


Who doesn’t love fruits? It is delicious, juicy, and nutritious. You can do the chopping part and they can help you select fruits. While choosing fruits, tell them about the nutritional values and benefits that they are going to get. You can also tell them about different seasonings and garnishing to enhance the taste of the salad.

Apart from these basic cooking ideas, you can also try different Indian cuisine that can be cooked instantly and is easy to make. Apart from the above-mentioned food ideas, you can also try some new recipes that are originally prepared by your kids. They would not only love the experience but also learn to respect the effort and time that goes into preparing the food.

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