Kidsup Launch Activewear

‘Tis the season of smiles, surprises, and Santa. Joy is unfolding from all directions and everyone is ready to brighten up the remainder of 2021. As we are inching towards the New Year, the ride shouldn’t get dull even a bit. So, dropping a hint of surprises everywhere, leaving a happy trail of smiles is what the plan looks like at Kidsup.

Kids Love To Play!

Kids are naturally wired to play! It’s their natural being – to play around, to have fun, to run, to toss and begin a cricket match, set up a dollhouse, solve a jigsaw puzzle, dance in joy and twirl in excitement. When kids are happy and they know it – they don’t just clap, they take the moment and make it theirs. Meanwhile, parents want to be able to let their kids live to the fullest. The possibilities are endless with kids around. And everything they do is with pure innocence and purity.

Kids love to play

The Big Launch

Kids want to have enough space to move around and conquer their world, at their own pace. They want to feel light but still warm, feel stylish still comfortable and all these lines coincide at the juncture of Activewear – and here it is, in all sizes and colours. Kidsup brings in the most luxurious activewear from the world’s best fashion houses to every parent’s doorstep! Time to complement the jingle bells with drum roll and welcome in Nike, Jordan, Levi’s and Converse to Kidsup – India’s most loved spot for kidswear. And this festive season, the love grows fourfold! 

Class, Choice, Comfort and Convenience - CheckList at Kidsup

While Kidsup is already an exclusive partner of leading luxury brands like Emporio Armani, Guess Kids, Stella McCartney, Sonia Rykiel, Colors of California to name a few, it now houses the best of international AW’21 activewear collection – all available in stores and online at   

Let Your Little One Live in Levi's

Effortless and minimalistic, Levi’s is the powerhouse of clothing loved by kids across the globe. The iconic brand brings in a wide array of comfortable and classic pieces. Its mnemonic logo – wherever it is seen – whether on the back of a fine-fit pair of denims or a casual shirt – serves as a testament to impeccable quality and world-class design standards. With world-renowned denims and minimalistic tees, Levi’s upgrades your kid’s wardrobe like no other.

Converse - Amazing Athleisure On Its Way

The arrival of Converse marks the beginning of the celebration of the classic athleisure collection. The brand reinterprets the cheerful and playful vibe of young kids, converting apparel into wearable goodness. Let your munchkin enjoy fuss-free wear and flaunt the brand’s signature ‘All Star’ logo. Suitable for formal gatherings and informal parties alike, Converse makes winning hearts effortless! Aesthetically crafted sweatshirts in pastel hues and patch splattered print hoodies in pleasant colours — parents and children are bound to love. 

Just Do It, With Nike

Featuring the iconic swoosh, Nike is a pure celebration of childhood, in style and subtlety. The collection inspires the wearer to be ambitious and driven. The brand is known for its inspired design, lasting comfort and effortless fit. Nike shall give your kid(s) the room and vibe they need to spread their magic, to hold their ground, to ‘Do It’. Sweatshirts, hoodies, joggers, tees and more – all designed for utmost comfort for the kid. 

Celebrate The Joy Of Jordan

Jordan brings in a multitude of unique ensembles crafted with extensive attention to every detail. Made with soft and the finest fleece, every kidswear apparel made under Jordan offers a cozy dreamy fit. Sporty yet subtle, athleisure from Jordan is quintessentially unique and modern. Created as a tribute to the legendary Basketball champion Michael Jordan and his iconic flying moves, this brand offers umpteen choices in jackets, sweatshirts, camo hoodies, joggers and more – paving way for a comfortable day out or a relaxed day in. 

Kidsup – Celebrating Kids And Their Unique Personalities 

Kidsup is a brand that revolves around transparency, fashion, uniqueness and joyfulness. It celebrates kids, the little souls who are as innocent as they are adorable. Every child is unique and Kidsup celebrates their unique personality in the most fashionable way possible. May they be reserved, sociable, enjoyable, fun-friendly, lively, talkative, competitive, adventurous – Kidsup has something for every kid, to celebrate every bit of uniqueness in them. Every apparel is handpicked to align with Kidsup’s motto of providing luxurious exclusivity to every kid out there, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be celebrated. A brand that parents adore and kids absolutely love – Kidsup has multiple other surprises ready to unfold for parents, kids and stakeholders. 

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